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25 Mr. Rogers Quotes That Are Words of Wisdom for All Ages

Mr. Rogers (in full Fred McFeely Rogers), was an American television host, producer, writer and minister, best known for his educational children’s show called Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Mister Rogers’ half-hour program was aimed initially at preschool ages 2 to 5,… Continue Reading →

She Lost Over 100 Pounds by Making This Promise to Herself

Like many, Kristina Schneider struggled with her weight throughout college, but after attending her 10-year high school reunion, she decided she had enough. “It became apparent to me that the typical attempts at dieting resulted in a lot of yo-yo… Continue Reading →

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker’s Marriage Story Stayed Behind the Scenes

Since landing his breakout role on HBO’s Girls back in 2012, Adam Driver has seen his acting career take off. In the years that followed his successful run on the show, he has played Kylo Ren in Star Wars, snagged… Continue Reading →

9 Reasons You Should Never Ignore Your Gut Instinct

Have you ever felt a firm but seemingly illogical pull in your heart or your stomach towards a particular option, decision, or action? Commonly referred to as one’s “gut instincts” or “intuition,” many of us make the mistake of ignoring… Continue Reading →

12 Habits of People That Limit Their Potential (And How to Avoid Them)

If you’re not getting ahead in life, perhaps your daily habits are limiting your full potential. Mic drop. Do you feel like you’re going nowhere in life? Do you feel like you have so much left to give, but it… Continue Reading →

10 Things Happy Couples Do To Strengthen Their Relationship Every Night

Falling in love is easy, but relationships take work. Most people and couples can agree with that statement. There isn’t any set formula to determine if a relationship will last or if a person you are in love with is… Continue Reading →

This Scientist Used the $1 Million Profits From Her Ground-Breaking Cancer Treatment for Charity

Many of us dream of the breakthrough idea that will make all the difference –- and make us a lot of money. But one scientist took that big success, and gave all the money to charity! Professor Nicola Curtin of… Continue Reading →

The 20 Most Inspiring Movies of the 2010s

Here we are at the end of the 2010s. To say it has been a transformative decade would be an incredible understatement. It has been a decade of massive advancement and change in everything from tech to human rights to… Continue Reading →

I Ordered Pizza And Tipped The House

Who Was Mister Rogers Really When the Cameras Turned Off?

Fred Rogers was beloved by millions as the creator and star of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the iconic PBS series that ran for a staggering amount of time – from 1968 to 2001. Though he was known for being warm, generous,… Continue Reading →

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