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9 Reasons You Should Never Ignore Your Gut Instinct

Have you ever felt a firm but seemingly illogical pull in your heart or your stomach towards a particular option, decision, or action? Commonly referred to as one’s “gut instincts” or “intuition,” many of us make the mistake of ignoring… Continue Reading →

12 Habits of People That Limit Their Potential (And How to Avoid Them)

If you’re not getting ahead in life, perhaps your daily habits are limiting your full potential. Mic drop. Do you feel like you’re going nowhere in life? Do you feel like you have so much left to give, but it… Continue Reading →

10 Things Happy Couples Do To Strengthen Their Relationship Every Night

Falling in love is easy, but relationships take work. Most people and couples can agree with that statement. There isn’t any set formula to determine if a relationship will last or if a person you are in love with is… Continue Reading →

I Ordered Pizza And Tipped The House

How to Take the Perfect Nap, According to Science

We’re going to discuss how to take a perfect nap, according to science. We’ll also contemplate the science behind napping before wrapping up with some other napping tips. Let’s do this! The Science of Napping “If you love naps, don’t… Continue Reading →

10 Things To Remember When You Lose Your Spark

Do you ever feel like you’ve just lost your mojo? No matter what you do, things just aren’t going right for you. You’re uninspired, unproductive, and upset with the direction your life seems to be taking. But why does this… Continue Reading →

Scientists Reveal That Toad Poison May Treat Addiction and Depression

Do you know someone who struggles with addiction or depression? Just in case you haven’t been keeping up, there’s a bit of a psychedelic revival taking place. And unlike the communal acid trip that was the 1960s, today’s user of… Continue Reading →

10 Signs Children Exhibit When Being Targeted By A Bully

No parent wants to think about their child being bullied, but it’s an unfortunate reality for kids everywhere. A bully has nothing to do with their worth as a person or your skills as a parent. Bad people exist, and… Continue Reading →

Which of the 16 Myers Briggs Personality Types Are You?

History of Meyer’s Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Isabel Myers and her mother, Katharine Cook Briggs, developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  After studying personality differences in people around them, they became fascinated by personalities. Because they wanted a better method to… Continue Reading →

How to Deal With Life (When You Don’t Feel In Control)

Do you sometimes feel that you have little control over your life? Life has its ups and downs, and it is often unpredictable, full of unexpected twists and turns that frighten, shock, and confuse us. It can all seem very… Continue Reading →

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