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10 Benefits of Adding Fresh Cranberry to Your Diet

According to a study, the cranberry ranks among the top fruits used historically for relieving many ailments and symptoms. These include bladder, stomach, and intestinal problems, diabetes, inflammations, etc. The berries rank among the most popular dietary supplements for treating… Continue Reading →

How Women Show Love, According to Zodiac Sign

Love can be chemically defined as flooding into our brains by phenylethylamine, a chemical also found in chocolate. Then, this signals the release of dopamine and endorphins. However, we believe that love is something that can not be defined, only… Continue Reading →

Researchers Reveal Nightmares Can Actually Be Healthy

Have you ever had a nightmare? Then you’re probably familiar with that sense of relief that you feel when you wake up and realize that the harrowing episode was all a figment of your imagination. It sure felt real though,… Continue Reading →

12 Natural Home Remedies for Tension Headaches

We’ve all experienced overwhelming anxiety and stress in our lives. Through some stress can be momentary, for many, this type of anxiety can turn into tension headaches. While medication can help relieve the pain of this headache, they don’t resolve… Continue Reading →

Therapists Reveal 12 Ways to Encourage Someone to Quit Smoking

We’ve all heard about the dangers and lifelong damaging effects of smoking. Yet, most of us know at least one person who smokes or even may smoke ourselves. Despite recognizing that tobacco is unhealthy and harmful, to quit smoking is… Continue Reading →

10 Behaviors Reveal That Your Child Might Be A Cyberbully

Law enforcement leaders estimate that more than 13 million children, ages 6 to 17, found themselves the victim of a cyberbully in 2006. Unfortunately, the prevalence of cyberbullying has only continued to increase since then. The percentage of individuals who… Continue Reading →

Dance for Kindness 2019: AUGUSTA, GEORGIA (USA)

What Is Your Partner’s Love Language? And What to Buy Them For Valentine’s Day

It’s the time of year where all of us are focusing on finding the right gift for someone special, as Valentine’s Day approaches. Naturally, we want the gift to be special but how can we avoid falling into the trap… Continue Reading →

Kid In Trouble For Doodling Hired By Local Restaurant to Create Wall Art

When you were in elementary school, I’m sure you can recall doodling on papers while daydreaming about being elsewhere. Almost every kid does it, but some teachers aren’t as tolerant of it as others. However, even if schools don’t always… Continue Reading →

How to Pick Yourself (Instead of Waiting for Others to Pick You)

Stop waiting to be picked. Pick yourself. Author, marketing expert, and entrepreneur Seth Godin explains that we’re taught since we were kids to wait to be picked. When we want something, we wait to get permission from those who are… Continue Reading →

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